OIR Survey Resources

Explanation of Our Survey System (e.g., Class Climate)

OIR uses Scantron’s Class Climate survey system. This allows us to administer instruments online or as scannable paper forms. We have one of the best Scantron scanning machines to date. Since we own our survey software (we do not use third-party survey systems), we can ensure the security and integrity of our survey data. The system is on a password protected, secure Georgia State server. Class Climate allows us to control for survey access and response duplication.

The Office of Institutional Research conducts two types of surveys, anonymous and confidential. When a s urvey is designed to be anonymous, Class Climate does not link any response data to an individual through an email or IP address. We have no way of associating response data to any respondent. When we do confidential surveys, the data are linked to an individual respondent; in this case, we ensure that any reports that come out of confidential surveys do not disclose individually identifiable information.

Information on Survey Consultations

We have expertise in all areas of survey research including survey design, questionnaire development,  survey administration, data analysis (quantitative and qualitative), and report writing. We welcome the opportunity to help you in your survey research if it meets the criteria for collaboration. Indeed, we may already have the information you are seeking from other surveys we have administered at Georgia State.


Criteria for Survey Research Collaboration:

1. Faculty or staff research designed to assess or evaluate a university program or service.

2. Faculty or staff research designed to directly benefit university academic programs, student    services, or address student, faculty, or staff matters.

3. All collaborative efforts are subject to OIR policies on survey research.