Survey Approval and Scheduling Process


Information on the process:

The Office of Institutional Research has initiated a survey approval and scheduling process to preserve the research environment at the university through:

  1.  Survey effectiveness: higher response rates resulting from controlling and coordinating  the number of institution-wide and college-level surveys administered annually
  2.  Survey efficiency: limiting redundancy by controlling for multiple surveys on similar survey items or efforts
  3.  Education: helping to inform researchers on best practices associated with survey research


You do not need to go through the survey approval process if:

  1. You are surveying fewer than 250 students, 50 faculty, or 50 staff.(This applies to your survey population not your expected response number.)
  2. You are surveying populations outside the university.
  3. You are conducting a point-of-service survey.


All other surveys must go through the approval and scheduling process! If your survey is designed to gather data for assessing your service or program within the university you are not required to submit your proposal to the Institutional Review Board (IRB). If your survey is for research purposes or you are unsure about the contexts in which your survey data may be used, please contact IRB prior to conducting your survey. You will find more information on IRB research requirements at:


The following factors are considered when approving and scheduling a survey:

1. Current surveys already scheduled or being administered for the target population

2. The purpose or relevance of the survey

3. The methodological rigor of the survey research

Please note: The approval and scheduling of a survey does not imply responsibility for or any endorsement of the content of the survey instrument. If you would like to consult with us on the development of an instrument, please go to our survey resources link:    OIR Survey Resources 


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