Student Achievement at Georgia State University

Georgia State University has implemented many student success initiatives over the years with the goal of improving retention, progression, and graduation while reducing student credit hours, and in turn cost, through strong advising and clear pathways to success. Tracking targets and outcomes over time helps to show the impact of these initiatives and informs decision making at Georgia State University.  For more information about student success initiatives at Georgia State University, please visit


Associate’s Level

 *Pre-consolidation data (2012-13 – 2015-16) source: University System of Georgia Research & Policy Analysis Degrees Conferred Report

 *Pre-consolidation data (2012-13 – 2015-16) source: IPEDS.


 *Pre-consolidation data (2012-13 – 2015-16) not available.


Bachelor’s Level

 *Data are for first-time, full-time freshman cohorts completing a degree on or before the summer of the listed academic year.


Graduate/Law Level

*Does not include specialist degrees or certificates.