University Data Warehouse

The University Data Warehouse is a repository of information extracted from various transaction systems across campus.  Data are organized in tables that have been designed to make report writing simplier.  The Data Warehouse contains student data from Fall 1998 to the present.  *Snapshots of the data are captured nightly until the midpoint of the term when the data is frozen and is no longer updated.   Student and Housing data can also be viewed through IPORT.  The Data Warehouse is available daily from 7AM to midnight and is taken offline for refreshes at midnight.  The table below lists the current data sources:


Data Source(s) Details
Banner Updated daily
OneUSG Updated daily
PS Financial Updated daily
Housing Updated daily
Study Abroad Updated annually
Grants and Research Updated daily
Digital Measures Updated weekly
Degree Works Updated January, June and September
Clearing House Updated as needed


Data Warehouse Benefits

  •  The Data Warehouse is the official source for University data.  Data are constantly being reviewed by the data owner to ensure accuracy and consistency.
  •  The Data Warehouse is a source of integrated data across multiple transaction systems.  Having all the data in a central place allows decision makers to see the “BIG” picture and enables them to make more informed decisions.
  •  The Data Warehouse warehouse can save you money.  Dollars spent on maintaining independent shadow systems can be redirected when units move their data to the University Data Warehouse.

To gain access to the Data Warehouse, please complete the Data Access Request Form and obtain the signature(s) of the appropriate data steward(s).






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