Argos Training

Decision Support Services (DSS) is conducting Argos training classes. Three types of classes are offered : Datablock Designer Class and Report Writer and the Report Viewer/IPORT Class. Datablock Designer and Report Writer Classes are one full day, usually 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Argos Viewer/IPORT classes have been combined to offer the end user a more powerful means of gathering data for reporting needs (usually two to four hours).

The Data Block Designer class teaches individuals how to create custom SQL statements and forms. Individuals taking this class must be SQL proficient and have knowledge of the database table structure. The DSS group will create the bulk of the data blocks for the university. So this class is not required for report writers.

The Report Writer class teaches individuals how to use the data blocks to build reports. SQL knowledge is not required to write reports. Reports are created by dropping data fields on a template to design the report’s look and feel. The datablock will already contain the data you will need to create a report.

The Report Viewer class is a one hour demonstration of how to run reports in Argos and a review of the available reporting options.  All viewers are encouraged to attend this class to learn about the new report folder structure and other reporting changes.  The IPORT class is a one-and-a-half hour demonstration that includes running/executing/exporting reports and creating customized reports using worksheets.


Training Requirements:

1) Banner student data is used in the training exercises.  If you do not have access to view banner student data, please complete the Data-Access-Request-Form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office.

Note:  If your role at GSU requires you to have access/training on data other than Banner Student, please contact Joan Mooyin-Edwards and Nora Geer  at:  to arrange a specialized training session.

2) Participants must be able to complete all training sessions.

3) Participants must fill out the Online Argos Request Access Form

It is recommended to take the above courses in order beginning with (1) Argos Viewer/IPORT, (2) Argos Writer followed by (3) Data Block Designer.

Please Read >>>>Training registration and schedule change:<<<<

IPORT and ARGOS trainings are now published on the GSU Event Calendar

Click on the link below to navigate to the calendar:     To view IPORT/Argos training sessions type: argos  in the search box

While on the calendar page, you must locate and click the “Register” button to receive a ticket confirming your registration for training.  You will also receive a training confirmation email from EventBrite.

Links to required forms:


Online Argos Request Access Form


If you have any questions, please email