Argos Reporting System Log in Instructions for the Production Environment


Note: This page is to assist users who have log in errors when trying to log in to the GSU Production Environment.  If you are not seeing the following errors then please disregard this information. 

  1. Open your browser.          
  1. Type and press Enter.




  1. Enter your CampusId and Password. 
  1. Click on the Log in button. 
  1. This error message may appear:



  1. Add the additional information to the IP Address or Host Name.  Like the example below.



  1. You can cut and paste the information from here:


  1.  Click on the Connect button.


  1.  The next screen to appear is



  1.  Click on Edit Servers before typing in password.


11.  Paste the same line into the Server Address field.



     12.   Uncheck the Use the default port checkbox. 

     13.   Enter your password and clock on the Log In button.

     14.   You should now see a screen like this:


15.   If not, please contact for further assistance.