Administrative Assessment


Administrative Assessment at Georgia State University is a part of the University’s commitment to continuous quality improvement.

Our mission is to foster among the University’s administrative departments a culture that values self-examination, quality improvement, strategic thinking, mission-aligned planning and the continuous pursuit of excellence to create a university climate that is accessible, responsive and relevant.

Goals of Administrative Assessment

•             Reduce Redundancy

•             Articulate the needs of SACSCOC and the Board of Regents in our assessment structure

•             Generate new cross-department analysis

•             Optimize data resources

•             Continuous Quality Improvement


•             Establish clear priorities that link to the University priorities

•             Improve short and long range planning to reach those priorities

•             Integrate assessment into operations

•             Improve levels of customer and employee satisfaction

•             Support for managers and employees to improve skills

•             Opportunities for increasing and supporting diversity and inclusion in the University community.

OIE Office Support

•             Orientation

•             Coaching

•             Project planning

•             Feedback

•             Editing support

•             Facilitation services


Institutional Research Support

•             Data Profiles

•             Benchmarking Advice

•             Customer Surveys

•             Data Analysis and Presentation