Administrative Assessment


Administrative Assessment at Georgia State University is in response to the University’s commitment to continuous quality improvement as well as to comply with the SACSCOC requirement to define and monitor outcomes for the administrative units.

Our mission is to foster among the University’s administrative departments a culture that values self-examination, quality improvement, strategic thinking, mission-aligned planning and the continuous pursuit of excellence to create a university climate that is accessible, responsive and relevant.


Goals of Administrative Assessment

•             Reduce Redundancy

•             Articulate the needs of SACSCOC and the Board of Regents in our assessment structure

•             Generate new cross-department analysis

•             Optimize data resources

•             Continuous Quality Improvement


•             Establish clear priorities that link to the University priorities

•             Improve short and long range planning to reach those priorities

•             Integrate assessment into operations

•             Improve levels of customer and employee satisfaction

•             Support for managers and employees to improve skills

•             Opportunities for increasing and supporting diversity and inclusion in the University community.

OIE Office Support


•             Orientation

•             Coaching

•             Project planning

•             Feedback

•             Editing support

•             Facilitation services


Institutional Research Support

•             Data Profiles

•             Benchmarking Advice

•             Customer Surveys

•             Data Analysis and Presentation