Administrative Assessment


Administrative Assessment at Georgia State University is in response to the University’s commitment to continuous quality improvement as well as to comply with the SACS requirement to define and monitor outcomes for the administrative units.

Our mission is to foster among the University’s administrative departments a culture that values self-examination, quality improvement, strategic thinking, mission-aligned planning and the continuous pursuit of excellence to create a university climate that is accessible, responsive and relevant.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness facilitates and coordinates the administrative assessment process.

The Staff Council Executive Committee will act as the review committee for the administrative assessment process.  This committee will review an annual report on the status of action plans and  assessment of the administrative units submitted by the Director of Accreditation and Policy.

The Director of Accreditation and Policy provides orientation sessions and assessment support to units as requested, reviews draft reports before they are submitted to the Staff Council Executive Committee and ensures the Staff Council reports to the University Senate’s Planning and Development committee annually.