Developing the APR Action Plan

The final step of Academic Program Review is the submission and approval of an APR Action Plan. The template for the Action Plan is on this page and can be accessed here:

Action Plan Guidelines (effective 2019)

The Action Plan is initiated by the academic unit, approved by the Dean, and discussed with the Provost. It is the Provost who approves the final APR Action Plan.

The purpose of the APR Action Plan is to define the unit’s direction for the next five to seven years, based upon information and recommendations provided at various stages in the review process (the Self-study, the Chair’s and Dean’s Letters, the External Reviewers’ Report, and the APRC Report).

I. Process.  When developing your APR Action Plan, recommendations contained within the Dean’s Letter, the APRC Report, and the External Reviewers’ Report should be addressed. If the unit disagrees with a recommendation, the Action Plan should articulate the basis for this disagreement. If the unit agrees with a recommendation, the recommendation may be incorporated into the Action Plan.

Once the unit’s APR Action Plan is drafted, it should be forwarded to the appropriate Dean for review and comment. After the Dean has approved its content, the Dean will forward it to the Director of Academic Program Review, who, together with the Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness, will review the document and ask for any necessary revisions.  When the document is ready, the Associate Provost will forward the document to the Provost, who may also ask for revisions.  Once the Provost has signed the Action Plan, the Dean may begin supervising implementation.

II.  Format, structure, and content.

The Action Plan consists of four parts, and should be kept to 3 pp. maximum, using Times New Roman 12 pt, single spaced.  It is generally prepared by the unit chair in consultation with the relevant Dean or Associate Dean.

1.      Status of Action Items from Prior Review

2.      Major Findings in Current Review

3.      Action Steps for the Coming Cycle

4.      Signature and Date Lines

For details, link to the Guidelines above

III. Comprehensive Program Review (CPR) Appendix

Beginning in 2019, units are required to provide a summary for each degree program offered by the unit regarding the program’s productivity, viability, and quality.  This summary will be used by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness to draft a CPR report for each program for submission to the University System of Georgia.  For more information, see the Comprehensive Program Review webpage.