APR Self-Study Report


This page provides links designed to help units prepare Self-Study Reports that comply fully with the policies and goals of the University System of Georgia and Georgia State University. Academic program review is a key component of the University System’s evaluation and planning efforts. It is central to Georgia State’s planning and resource allocation processes. It is also a SACSCOC accreditation policy requirement. See links below for detailed information.


Guidelines for Units Undergoing APR – 05 April 19 revision (effective AY2019-2020)

This document gives an overview of the purpose, timeline, process, funding domain, structure, and content of the Self-Study Report.  Previous versions of the Guidelines are available here:


Prior to AY2018-2019.


APR Self-Study Template

Class of 2019-2020

This document provides the section-by-section structure for the Self-Study Report, identifies the parameters to be addressed in each section, and identifies the data source for each parameter.  Many of the parameters are displayed on the department’s APR dashboard, available at APR Dashboard, under the APR tab.  The sources of other parameters are IPORT, the Office of Institutional Research, the unit’s internal data, and comparisons with units in peer and aspirational institutions.  The previous version (class of 2018-2019) of the template is available here: Class of 2018-2019