Academic Units

The academic unit under review is the key actor in the APR process.  As a first step, the unit selects faculty members to serve on the unit’s APR committee and designates one member to serve as chair of the committee. The committee then collects data and prepares a Self-Study Report that is brought to the full faculty for deliberation, amendment, and final approval.  The unit head prepares a Chair’s Letter, which accompanies the Self-Study Report.  During the second year of the process, the unit hosts a site visit by a team of reviewers.  Once all the reviews are in, the unit head consults with the Dean to develop the unit’s APR Action Plan.  And once the Provost approves the Action Plan, the unit implements it.  The following diagram illustrates the four main stages of the APR process:

APR Process

On this page, unit heads and unit APR committees can find links to the guidelines, templates, and other information that are needed to navigate the APR process.   A detailed APR timeline for units and programs is available here: APR Timeline – Units (2020).  For previous years, see APR Timeline – Units

If you have questions about any aspect of this process, please email them to John Duffield, Director of Academic Program Review, at, or call 404-413-2615.