Reimbursement of Expenses


Travel Arrangements and Reimbursement of Expenses

Georgia State University will provide airfare and accommodations for each external reviewer for the site visit to Atlanta.  The University will purchase the airline tickets, and the hotel will directly bill the University for the hotel accommodations.  The University reserves a hotel for two evenings, beginning the evening (typically Sunday) before the first day of the scheduled visit, with departure late on the second day of the visit (typically Tuesday).

External reviewers will also be reimbursed for other reasonable expenses (e.g., meals, transportation between the airport and campus, parking) incurred during travel and the site visit.  As non-employees, they should submit a completed GSU SUBSTITUTE W-9 & VENDOR AUTHORIZATION FORM.  In all cases involving a purchase, please provide evidence of payment if at all possible, or explain that no evidence of payment was provided.


We are unable simply to provide a meal per diem for non-GSU employees.  Each meal expense must be documented.  Thus, for each meal, please provide

1) An itemized receipt listing each item purchased separately.

2) Evidence of payment (at least last four digits of card number when using a credit card)

This information might be on the same document, but often it is not.  If you were not provided with one or the other (or both), please state so in your email or letter accompanying the documentation of your expenses.  If possible, put any alcoholic beverages on a separate tab, since we are unable to reimburse the purchase of alcoholic beverages.

Personal Mileage:

If you drive to Atlanta or to you home airport and wish to be compensated for mileage,please provide a map (google maps, apple maps, mapquest, etc.) showing the route taken and mileage, and please state in the accompanying email or letter the total mileage requested.

Reimbursement requests should be completed within 30 days of the trip.  Receipts may be submitted by email ( or by mail to

Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Attn: Director of Academic Program Review

Post Office Box 3985
Georgia State University
Atlanta, GA 30302-3985

External reviewers should keep copies of all receipts until they receive their reimbursements.