Dean’s Responsibilities (effective 2020)

The Dean and Dean’s Office perform multiple roles in the APR process:

Year 1:

  • Confirms units to be reviewed with Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE)
  • Provides college-level guidance to units (APR orientation)
  • Provides ranked list of potential external reviewers
  • Selects internal reviewer
  • Reviews draft of unit’s self-study report
  • Prepares  letter for review team based on final self-study report and unit head’s letter

Year 2:

  • Hosts orientation dinner for review team and attends site visit exit interview
  • Reviews report prepared by review team
  • Works with unit to prepare draft Action Plan and make necessary revisions

Subsequent Years:

  • Supervises the unit’s implementation of the Action Plan
  • Submits reports on progress toward implementation of the Action Plan.  A template for the Action Plan Implementation Report is available here: Action Plan Implementation Report Template