Implementing the APR Action Plan

The guidelines for units undergoing APR, approved by the University Senate on October 10, 2014, specify that “as soon as the Dean and Provost approve the Action Plan, the relevant Dean may then begin the process of supervising the implementation of the plan.”  Moreover, “once the Provost issues final approval of the Unit’s Action Plan, the relevant Dean will be responsible for monitoring progress towards implementing the plan. At the end of each Fiscal Year, the unit chair will make a report to the Dean and the Dean will issue an annual report that speaks to APR results.”

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness has developed a template to enable Deans to report on a unit’s APR Action Plan results in the preceding fiscal year: Dean’s Action Plan Implementation Report Template.  The Report enables Deans to specify whether, for each of the action steps specified in a unit’s Action Plan, that step has been completed, is still in process, or has been revised.  An example of a completed implementation report is available here.