Guidelines for Selection of External Reviewers

  1. There are usually three external reviewers.  In the case of additional focus areas and/or programs, however, academic units may request additional reviewers.
  2. External reviewers should be selected from peer or aspirational departments/programs, preferably located at peer or aspirational institutions.
  3. Reviewers should hold the rank of professor, and those with administrative experience (e.g., department chair, dean) often provide the best institutional perspective for an academic unit.
  4. Except under special circumstances, it is best to avoid reviewers from the Atlanta area and from University System of Georgia institutions.
  5. The academic unit should submit a rank-ordered list to the dean’s office. The dean’s office may reorder the list.  Reviewers will be invited in the order in which they are listed.
  6. The dean’s office forwards the approved list of reviewers to the Director of Academic Program Review.