Template for Service/Education Centers

Name of Center:

Center Director:

Section A. General Information

  1. When was the center created and to which unit was it originally designated? If the designation has changed, in which unit does the center currently reside?
  2. To whom does the center’s director report?
  3. If there is an advisory board to this center, describe its function and composition.
  4. If the center is considered interdisciplinary, describe the interdisciplinary focus.
  5. Describe in detail the amount of start-up support available.

Section B. Goals and Objectives

  1. Please enumerate the initial goals and objectives and describe the current goals and objectives if they have changed. Units will indicate how their goals are consistent with the strategic plans of the University and their college, citing the relevant documents (the college and University strategic plans) as necessary.
  2. What are the major institutional, administrative, and/or financial resources that facilitate achieving the center’s goals and objectives?
  3. What are the major institutional, administrative, and/or financial constraints that interfere with achieving the center’s goals and objectives?
  4. What is your assessment of your achievement of your goals?

Section C. Service/Education Efforts

  1. Describe the major areas/topics of the center. How has the center promoted the mission of the University?
  2. What are the major opportunities/impediments for doing service and/or education in the center?
  3. What percentage of the center’s funding has been paid out of Fund Code 10? List amounts for the last five years.
  4. Attach a list of all activities (e.g., workshops, research programs, conferences, seminars, symposia, etc.) of the center.
  5. Attach separate bibliographies of refereed and non-refereed publications, if any, which have resulted from research activities of the center. List publications from the last three years only.
  6. Attach a list of grants submitted in the last three academic years and list all sources of funding.  For funded grants, give title, funding source, amount, type of grant (research, instruction, service, etc.), GSU project number, and period funded. Specify the amount of funds received from each category (research, instruction, service, etc.) for each of the last three years.

Section D. Center Personnel

  1. List all personnel funded through the center for the prior fiscal year.  Faculty who receive course releases or full or partial summer pay should be counted as center members.