Process and Timeline

At GSU, units undergo APR every 7 years.  The Office for Institutional Effectiveness sets the cycle each year with an eye toward amassing similar units together where possible.

Each review cycle takes two years.  In Year 1, a unit plans and produces a Self-Study Report, the unit Chair and the relevant Dean each prepare a response, and all three documents go to the unit’s External Review team.  The unit hosts a site visit of the External Reviewers, who then prepare their report.  Year 2 is dedicated to internal review and action planning.  All the documents produced in Year 1 are reviewed by the University Senate Academic Program Review Committee (APRC), which is tasked with producing a brief report, making substantive observations about the fit between the unit’s goals, objectives, and proposed initiatives and the existing strategic plan of the university, as well as the viability, quality, and productivity of the unit’s programs.  Then the unit Chair, the relevant Dean’s office, and the Provost collaborate on an action plan for the coming years.

Once the action plan is approved, the unit’s Dean is tasked with supervising its implementation.  The Dean issues an annual follow-up report indicating which of the action steps have been met, noting which are still in process, and annotating the action plan with any changes that are necessary due to changing accreditation mandates or emerging opportunities.

A downloadable timeline for Academic Program Review is available here: APR Timeline.