Consolidated Assessment of the Core

Following the consolidation of Georgia State University and the former Georgia Perimeter College in January 2016, the core curriculum was unified for the entire university. All courses in the core must be assessed each academic year. Core courses offered at both the Atlanta campus and one or more Perimeter College locations (including online) follow a common assessment plan for their relevant Area learning outcome (see list below).

The following resources will be of assistance to those engaged in this process:

Georgia State University General Education (Core Curriculum) Learning Outcomes

Core Curriculum Courses by Area – May 2019 Update

Resources for 2018-19 Core Assessment Reporting

NOTE:  All 2018-19 core assessment reporting will be submitted via the new Taskstream AMS online platform. Further instructions will be available here when the platform is available to receive reports. The reporting fields and review criteria will match the templates linked below. Core reporters are encouraged to prepare their reports using the existing templates.

2017-18 Core Assessment Report Template

Core Assessment Report Instructions for 2017-18 Reporting Cycle

Core Assessment Report Evaluation Rubric

**NEW** This Core Curriculum Assessment Cycles – Aug 2019 checklist outlines all the deadlines associated with the new 2-year core assessment reporting cycle.

**NEW** This Core Assessment Sample Description Worksheet will be included in your Taskstream report under “Data Collection and Sampling Plan.”

**NEW**  This 6-minute video walks you through the IPORT report that provides all the data you need for the above worksheet.

You can find instructional videos on the use of Taskstream here.

Exemplary reports from the 2016-17 reporting cycle can be found here.

Core assessment reports are due on or before September 15 of each year.

Beginning with the 2018-19 assessment cycle, all core courses will submit assessment findings annually, but analysis and action plans will be submitted in alternate years. Further information about the new reporting cycle is available here: Core Reporting 2-Year Cycle Plan 043019

2016-17 and 2017-18 core reports and reviews can still be viewed and downloaded from the SLOAP- CORE website.

View the archive of the 1-hour Reviewer Training webinar (conducted live on Sept 21, 2018) here.

Please direct questions to Dr. Patricia Gregg, Associate Director of Assessment and Review ( and 678-891-2571)