2016-2017 Assessment Reporting Transition

During 2016, we will be making two significant changes to the assessment reporting process.  First, we will complete the transition from WEAVEonline to SLOAP (GSU Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Portal) as our principal reporting platform.  With the exception of some departments in the college of education and human development, which use the LiveText learning management system, assessment reports for 2015-16 will be due in SLOAP by October 1, 2016.  In addition, WEAVE online will no longer be available after September 2016, so if you wish to save or print old reports, please do so soon.  Instructions are provided below.

Second, we will begin the transition to a three-year reporting cycle.  During the first two years of the new cycle, programs will focus  on the collection of useful assessment data and will submit a short report presenting their findings.  During the third year of the cycle, programs will focus on analyzing previous findings and developing proposals for program improvement and will submit a comprehensive long report, which will be similar in structure to previous assessment reports.  In addition, the assessment process will be arranged to contribute to the seven-year Academic Program Review process, with two three-year cycles being completed immediately prior to the preparation of the unit’s self-study.  The new cycle will go into effect during the 2016-17 reporting period, with the first long reports due in May 2017 and the first short reports due in the early fall of 2017.  More detailed descriptions of the new assessment reporting schedule and the timing of the assessment cycle are available below.

Instructions for Saving WEAVEonline Reports and Documents Stored in WEAVEonline

Instructions for the Use of SLOAP

New Assessment Reporting Schedule

Long Assessment Report Template

Long Assessment Report Instructions (2016-2017)

Short Assessment Report Template

Short Assessment Report Instructions (2016-2017)

APR & Assessment Cycles 2017-23

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact John Duffield, Director of Academic Assessment, at duffield@gsu.edu or 3-2615.