2018-2019 Assessment Cycle

In 2019, we will continue with the three-year reporting cycle. During the first two years of the new cycle, programs focus on the collection of useful assessment data and submit a “findings” report (formerly known as a “short” report), presenting their findings.  During the third year of the cycle, programs focus on analyzing previous findings and developing proposals for program improvement and submit a comprehensive “Analysis” report (formerly known as a “long” report), which is similar in structure to previous assessment reports.  More detailed descriptions of the assessment reporting schedule and the timing of the assessment cycle are available below.

Analysis reports for the 2018-2019 academic year are due on May 15, 2019.  Findings reports are due on September 15, 2019.  With the exception of some programs in the College of Education and Human Development (see below), all assessment reports should be submitted in the GSU Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Portal (SLOAP at sloap.gsu.edu).

To submit a report, please complete the appropriate (Analysis or Findings) assessment report template and upload it in SLOAP as a Word or PDF document.  You may incorporate attachments in the template or upload them separately in SLOAP.  Links to the assessment report templates and instructions are below.

College of Education and Human Development only: CEHD programs that use LiveText may submit their assessment reports using a LiveText report template also used by the PEF for state program approval and CAEP accreditation.  The program report template will be shared with the reporter in their department LiveText administrative account and can be found in a folder labelled “Program Reports – 2016 forward.”    For questions about CEHD program reporting requirements, please contact Dr. Joyce E. Many, Professor and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Education and Educator Preparation, CEHD, at jmany@gsu.edu or 3-8104.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Dr. Sara Cushing, Senior Faculty Associate for Assessment of Student Learning, at stcushing@gsu.edu or 3-2501, Dr. John Duffield, Director of Academic Assessment, at duffield@gsu.edu or 3-2615,   or Dr. Patti Gregg, Associate Director of Academic Assessment, at pgregg@gsu.edu or (678) 891-2571.

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Portal (SLOAP)

Instructions for the Use of SLOAP

 SLOAP List of Program Names

New Assessment Reporting Schedule

APR & Assessment Files by Department 2018-24

Assessment Analysis Report Instructions

Analysis Assessment Report Template

Findings Assessment Report Instructions

Findings Assessment Report Template

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