Policy Library

The Policy Library at Georgia State University was launched in Fall Semester 2009.  Beginning in Fall Semester 2013 and lasting through Spring Semester 2014, the policy library will undergo a major transformation, led by the Director of Administrative Services Review and coordinated through a Policy Advisory Council.

As it stands, the Policy Library contains all university-wide policies.  All university-wide policies must be approved by either the University Senate (academic and student policies) or the Administrative Council (administrative policies) prior to final approval by the President, as set forth in the University Statutes.

The Policy Library is a repository or reference point for university policies.  Policy development and stewardship are vested in the policy sponsor (e.g. University Senate, IS&T, Administrative Council, Research Administration, etc.).

Each University-wide policy contains the following information: a policy statement, the approval and effective dates, what body approved the policy, what office implements and manages the policy (referred to as the Responsible Office), and what members of the community are impacted by the policy.   In most cases, the library does not include procedures related to the policies.

The policy management process is overseen by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

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