Student Achievement at Georgia State University

Retention by First-Time Full-Time Freshman

Retention is a priority at Georgia State University and we focus on programs that foster academic success for all of our students. Programs such as the Panther Retention Grant, Keep HOPE Alive, Freshman Learning Communities, Supplemental Instruction, Latino Outreach, Early Alert, Academic Coaching, and our Success Workshops are some of the ways we seek to inspire, assist, mentor, provide, and connect with our students. In accordance with the University System of Georgia, we believe that “Monitoring retention rates is important because students who return the second year are more likely to graduate. Student characteristics and behaviors, such as preparation for college, motivation and engagement, time spent studying, finances, work, and family obligations affect retention rates. Institutional characteristics also affect retention rates” (“USG by the Numbers”).


Graduation/Completion Rates by First-Time Full-Time Freshman

Our success at Georgia State is measured by our student’s success. We assist in students in reaching their graduation goals by prioritizing retention through programs that provide students with the tools they need to realize their potentials and reach their goals. Increasing graduation rates is important as a measure of student success. The USG defines graduation rate as “the proportion of students who enter as first-time, full-time, degree-seeking students in a given summer or fall who earn a degree within 150 percent of the nominal time needed to complete the degree” (“USG by the Numbers”).

Goal: We will improve institutional graduation rates by 12 points for both full time and part time students. (GSU Strategic Plan, Goal 1 Implementation)


Degrees Conferred

The University System of Georgia contends that “The number of degrees awarded reflects an institution’s productivity. Degree production and balance among different degree levels indicate the institution’s complexity and vitality, as well as the institution’s mission, purposes, and objectives” (“USG by the Numbers”). At Georgia State, we also believe that the number of our degrees reflect the diversity of knowledge and skill acquired by our students that allows them to become leaders of cultural, social and economic progress (GSU’s Strategic Plan).

Goal: Significantly strengthen and grow the base of distinctive graduate and professional programs that assure development of the next generation of researchers and societal leaders. (GSU’s Strategic Plan)


Student Characteristics

Georgia State University is proud to serve students from a wide variety of backgrounds. We are dedicated to providing “access to quality education for diverse groups of students, to educate leaders for the State of Georgia and the nation, and to prepare citizens for lifelong learning in a global society” (GSU Mission Statement).  We are among the top universities in the nation in “fostering economic opportunity for underserved students” and are “ranked 14th in racial and ethnic diversity and 14th in economic diversity” (“What Others Are Saying”).


Performance on External Examinations (Please see Federal Requirement 4.1)

Georgia State tracks student achievement by measuring performance on several disciplinary external examinations, including state and national licensing exams. In addition, tracking performance on external examinations allows GSU to measure the adequacy of our faculty in fostering student achievement.