Exemplary Assessment Reports and Reviews

All assessment reports and reviews of those reports can be viewed in SLOAP (http://sloap.gsu.edu). In order to promote continuous improvement in the quality of reports and reviews, we offer some exemplary reports and reviews here.  All reports and reviews are from the 2015 cycle, except where indicated.

Exemplary Assessment Reports

College/School Undergraduate Programs Graduate Programs
Arts and Sciences

Political Science BS (2016)

Psychology BA/BS (2016)

TEFL Certificate – Undergraduate (2015)

Anthropology MA (2016)

Creative Writing PhD (2015)

Psychology PhD (2015)

Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies MA (2015)

Education and Human Development

Early Childhood Ed BSEd (2015)

Health & Physical Education BSE (2016)

Early Childhood/Elementary Education PhD (2015)

Elementary Education MEd (2015)

English Education MAT (2015)

Reading, Language & Literacy Online MAT (2015)

Qualitative Research Certificate (2015)

Business Mathematical Risk Management (2016)
Nursing and Health Professions Nutrition MS (2015)
Policy Studies  Economics BA/BS/BBA (2014)
Public Health

Public Health MPH (2016)

Public Health PhD (2015)

Core Curriculum

Communication Core

English Core

History Core

Exemplary Reviews

Review of Art and Design Core Report

Review of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies BA Report

Review of French BA Report

Review of Social Work BSW Report

Review of Public Policy MPP Report

Review of Behavior-Learning Disabilities MED Report

Review of English Literature PhD Report