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Jasonclono Jasonclono   2pain23ki7llerfer@hotmail.com

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Marcia Graham Marcia Graham marcia@nurturebrand.com

To Whom It May Concern

I am sending this email out in an effort to find someone who can help. I fear I will hear nothing but my own echo but we have nothing to lose so here goes.

I am writing to express my concern and frustration about Georgia State admissions/advisement/financial advisement and gee I’m sorry kid but no one can help policies. My son is very nearly to give up on finishing college altogether, thanks to Georgia State University. He is a senior, or would be were it not for 52 UNUSED CREDITS. Some of these were from the Art Institute which we expected. We didn't expect that credits from Clayton State University to not be accepted as it is in the same state school system. Regardless of the inexplicable disallowing of these credits Robert enrolled. Last year his adviser recommended that he take a couple of the online courses for a few credits that were for some of the same or similar things that Rob had already completed at Clayton. He enrolled but in the very first class he realized that the curriculum software was from the 1990's and would not run on his computer(a Mac). He went to his advisor and requested to stop the classes but was told that it was too late. This was a summer class and short so by the time he was advised he could not drop , there were two weeks left. Between that and the software he failed the class and was put on academic probation. He appealed the ruling, wrote and provided examples of the software and was advised that this was not a mitigating factor as other people were not having a problem. He later discovered how the students were passing..the answers are all available online. So he waited out his academic probation. Finally in December, he was advised he could return to school. His college fund was now used up (remember 52 unused but PAID FOR credits) so he applied for student loan. He's never had financial aid of any kind. He enrolled for the winter semester but his financial aid did not arrive on time. He was advised to drop the classes since he could not pay for them. He promptly tried to enroll in summer classes and was advised that financial aid could not be used for summer classes. This seems absurd but no less than four different employees advised him of this. So, frustrated, he waited for fall. In August he got a letter advising him that his financial aid had been dropped because he did not meet the necessary course requirements. He re-applied for financial aid and went to school to enroll for the fall semester. When trying to enroll for fall he was advised that he is no longer eligible for financial aid because his drop to completed classes ratio was too high. They advised him to get a private loan, from Suntrust perhaps. As if a bank today would give a loan to an unemployed college student who is eligible for financial aid. Basically, they told him tough luck kid, your education's over. He has been persistent and tenacious and largely ill advised. I have stayed out of it up until now as he wanted to handle this on his own. What college student wants their mother meddling in their affairs? But at this point I have to intervene. He has only me as his father was killed in an accident some years ago. He is so discouraged and ready to give up. Have you any idea how difficult all of this is for a young man who has been formally diagnosed with ADD? He is disheartened but I am nothing short of furious. Disgusted. It appears that college education in the US is as they say; just a massive scam being perpetrated on America. I am a making one last attempt to resolve this through the school. This entire situation is out of hand and about to cost my son his degree. Please understand sir, that if I am unable to achieve resolution through the school, I will pursue in absolutely every other way I can find. If I can find no resolution at all, I will at least make the entire population aware of exactly how troubled, how ineffective and bureaucratically constipated our educational institutions have become. Is there ANYONE at Georgia State who cares about the students , not just their checkbooks? Please let me know if there is anyone who might help us resolve this matter.

Thank you in advance for your help.
Marcia Graham

Sharon Sullivan Sharon Sullivan ssullivan1@gsu.edu

Very informative session on scheduling a report by Karen Daniel. She was very professional and knowledgeable about the various steps to getting to the information I need. I realized that I was not scheduling my report properly. She offered great tips that I will definitely utilize going forward. Her whole presentation was well done. The entire staff did was very professional and knowledgeable. Great job!

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