Argos Reporting System


Evision’s Argos Reporting System is the university report tool.  Argos is a user friendly web based reporting tool that can be deployed campus-wide.  Argos effectively meets reporting needs from simple ad hoc queries to advanced dashboards with interactive charts and data cube.

Argos Advantages:

  •  Unlimited number of users, user types, database types, and database connections
  •  Evisions CO-OP User Community provides hundreds of pre-designed reports and datablocks for quick start-up
  •  Easy to use application allows quick access to data, minimizing IT workload
  •  Allows timely and informed data driven decisions in all areas- Student, Finance, Advancement, Institutional Research, HR, etc.
  •  Unlimited and free on-line interactive training
  •  Cross-Platform functionality
  •  Localized language options (English, Spanish, French, and Arabic)

Customized Argos Report Requests

Decision Support Services can create Argos Reports to fit the request for data based on user specified parameters.  Click on the link to download the New Argos Report Request Form.  Modifications of existing Argos Reports can be requested as well.  Click on the link to download the Modify Argos Report Request Form.


Decision Support Services (DSS) is conducting IPORT and Argos training classes. Three types of classes are offered : Datablock Designer Class and Report Writer and the IPORT/Report Viewer Class(combined). Datablock Designer Classes and Report Writer Classes entail numerous hands-on exercises.

Argos Training 


Links to required forms:


Online Argos Request Access Form


Argos Quick Start Guide to run reports:

GSU Argos Quick Start V1.0


If you have any questions, please email