USG Customer Service Excellence

United in Service and Quality

Our priority is to “better serve students.” Service is and will be a key core value for the University System of Georgia (USG). Our current Customer Service program is evolving! We are proud to launch just for the USG a new effort.  Our new design is called “Service Excellence Program… United in Service and Quality.”

This new program will support the System’s Strategic Plan and three strategic imperatives:

  • One: Academic Excellence and Degree Completion
  • Two: Economic Development and World Class Research
  • Three: Accountability, Efficiency and Innovation

Our mission: The USG Service Excellence program promotes initiatives that unite the System in service and quality.  These initiatives focus on the effective and efficient use of resources to support the success of our students, faculty, staff, and communities.

Our goal: increase the attention we give to improving services that support educational attainment, provide accountability, improve performance and demonstrate value.

We will develop projects that support student success by removing administrative obstacles.

We will remove other barriers that discourage enrollment or impede college completion.

We will focus on positively impacting our students’ total education experience, community partnership and faculty and staff engagement.

“American colleges and universities have customarily examined faculty performance in the three areas of teaching, scholarship, and service, with service sometimes divided further into public service and service to the college or university.

While the weight given to each of these three areas varies according to the mission and evolution of the institution, the terms are themselves generally understood to describe the key functions performed by faculty members.” from American Association of University Professors (November, 1999)

As a result of its strategic actions, the University System will increase its efficiency of business functions, develop a leadership culture, engage the workforce in process improvement, and establishing accountability metrics for the System while increasing academic quality.


  • What is Service Excellence?

Service Excellence is what we do every day by facilitating excellence in teaching and contributing to a nurturing learning environment.

  • Why Service Excellence?

Established as a priority by the Chancellor, the Service Excellence Program supports
Complete College Georgia objectives and enhances effectiveness and efficiency within the USG.

  • Who Does Service Excellence Involve?

All University System of Georgia employees: administrators, faculty, staff, and students.

  • How Can I Get Involved

Seek out your campus Service Excellence Ambassador , nominate an employee or program for a Service Excellence Award (categories listed below), suggest a new program, and continue your efforts to develop and mentor lifelong learners. 


Submissions will re-open in July 2015

For further questions, comments, or concerns, please contact Mary McLaughlin:; (404) 413-2583.



1.) Service Excellence Award – Outstanding Individual

2.) Service Excellence Award – Outstanding Team

3.) Service Excellence Award – Outstanding Leader (Administrator level)

4.) Outstanding Process Improvement Award: Increase Service to Students

5.) Outstanding Process Improvement Award: Increase Effectiveness and Efficiency

6.) Front Desk Support Excellence Award

7.) Outstanding Institution of the Year and President

8.) Service Excellence Ambassador of the Year