Comprehensive ASUR (6th yr) Reporting

November, 2009

The purpose of assessment of administrative departments at Georgia State is to monitor our success at fulfilling our mission and to develop and implement evidence-based strategies for improving our success over time.

The assessment of administrative departments comprises self-reviews at 1 and 6-year intervals.  The 6th-year (comprehensive) reports are reviewed by the Administrative and Support Unit Review Committee and sent to the University Administrative Council and the Senate Committee on Planning and Development for review and comments.  The final step of the comprehensive review is the development and university approval of a 6-year action plan for the department.

Comprehensive (6th year) ASUR Process

The scheduling of divisions and subdivision through the assessment process has been approved by the Administrative Council.  (For scheduling purposes some divisions and subdivisions will undergo an interim (Committee-only) assessment initially and some will undergo a comprehensive assessment.)  The year prior to a department’s first review in the new cycle, it will work closely with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness to ensure that its assessment plan is in order and the department head understands the assessment process.

During this period the VP, AP, or AVP will determine whether the division/subdivision will report as a single entity or whether each department within the division/subdivision will develop separate reports.  Also during or before this period, the employees of the department will have the opportunity to respond to the Employee Climate Survey, and the department will receive the results of the survey.   (Departments must complete the Employee Survey Discussion as part of their comprehensive review.)  The departments must also conduct a review of peer institutions and answer the relevant questions on the self-study template.

Comprehensive (6th-year) Reporting

Self-Study using template

Departments will complete the ASUR (6-year) self-study template.  Much of the information needed for the self-study can be gathered from previous Weaveonline reports.

  • Divisions and subdivisions that elect to have separate reports for their individual units: The individual units will complete the ASUR template including the employee survey discussion and the peer comparison; the AVP, VP or AP will complete the Executive Summary Template.
  • Division and subdivisions that elect to have a combines self-study report that covers all of their units:  the division/subdivision will complete the ASUR self-study template including the employee survey discussion and the peer comparison (there is no Executive Summary)
  • Independent (single) units reporting directly to the President or Provost:  the unit will complete the ASUR self-study template including the survey discussion and the peer comparison

In addition to the annual reporting and the ASU Review template, departments must submit the following:

Executive Summary (see above)

Conclusions from the review, implications for University outcomes, priorities and strategic goals, overall strategies for improvement.

Formally Negotiated 6-year Action Plan

The plan is developed after the department receives comments and suggestions from the Administrative and Support Unit Review Committee, the University Senate, and the Administrative Council.  The plan is then negotiated between the department head, his or her management line and the Provost.