ASUR Process

Since 1996, the University has required it’s administrative and support units to develop a comprehensive self-study report every 7 years to comply with SACS requirement that administrative services be reviewed. These reports have been reviewed by a representative committee (the ASUR Review Committee under the oversight of the University Senate’s Planning and Development Committee)

The SACS requirement is for institutions to demonstrate that they engage in an ongoing, integrated review of the outcomes of administrative support services, and that the analysis of the reviews are used to design and implement improvements in operations.

There has been a one year suspension of the ASUR while the Office of Institutional Effectiveness reorganized this process.   A committee was convened to review the ASUR process and the following recommendations were made:

  • Simplify the template and anchor the ASUR process in the world of organizational development as opposed to mirroring the Academic Review process.
  • Work with the Senior Leadership to create a more functional assessment process across the University.
  • Use existing data sources as a guide for initiating a system review. The Staff Survey, The Enterprise Risk Management Annual Report, The Annual Review of Administrative Units data and the University Strategic Plan. 

Annual Reporting of Institutional Effectiveness Outcomes

  • Departmental reports will be collected annually
  • The director of Administrative Assessment and Review will review all reports
  • Summary reports will be sent to Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness and Provost
  • Suggestions and recommendations for improving the definitions of the intended outcomes and improving or broadening the measures used will be sent back to the unit head

Summary Review of Division Outcomes

  • Annual reviews and other existing data will be pulled every 6 years for each division.  A strategic kick-off meeting will be held.  A self study will be completed and a final meeting will be convened to discuss results and develop an action plan.
  • The division’s/subdivision’s ASUR self-study will be reviewed by the ASUR Committee, and a full report (summary of the committee’s observations along with recommendations for improvement of the unit’s monitoring processes as well as its results) will be sent back to the vice president, associate provost, or assistant vice president.
  • The division’s/subdivision’s Executive Summary and Cover Sheet and the Institutional Effectiveness Review Committee’s report will be posted to the University web page and copies are sent to the Administrative Council and the Planning and Development Committee for their review and comments back to the unit.
  • The unit’s Action Plan (developed after receiving comments and recommendations) will be reviewed by the Provost, and the negotiated University commitment will be posted to the University webpage.

Detail of Unit Reporting Requirements

Requirements for Annual Reporting of Institutional Effectiveness Outcomes

  • Mission statement
  • Goals or Functional Responsibilities
  • Outcomes (linked to University Strategic Plan and Priorities)
  • Measures and targets for each outcome
  • Results (findings) for each measure
  • Analysis of findings
  • Action plan
  • Annual report

Requirements for ASUR Self-Study (every six years) in addition to those stated above:

  • Summary of three years of annual reporting results
  • Summary and discussion of employee climate survey
  • Summary of Emerging Trends
  • Formal Negotiated Action Plan