Academic Units

In AY 2012 – 2013 the Senate Executive Committee and Provost Palm convened an Ad Hoc Committee to review and revitalize the GSU APR process. The committee’s recommendations were approved by the full senate at its meeting on 10/10/2014.

On this page, unit heads and unit APR committees can find links to an APR timeline, guidelines, and templates that will help you understand the purpose and funding domain of APR, the requirements of the Board of Regents and SACS, how APR is administered, and the distinct stages of the two-year reporting, review, and planning process.  The four stages of APR are the following:


APR Process


If you have questions about any aspect of this process, please email them to Michael Galchinsky, Director of Academic Program Review, at mgalchinsky@gsu.eduor call 404-413-2501.