The Dean of the unit’s college plays multiple roles in the APR process.  First, the Dean reviews the Self-Study and Chair’s Letter and prepares a response.  The Dean’s Letter speaks to the suitability of the unit’s goals, any college-level re-allocations necessary to achieve the goals, and the fit between the unit’s goals and those of the college’s strategic plan (if present).  The Dean meets with the external review team.  After all the reviews are in, the Dean works with the unit head and the Provost to develop the unit’s APR Action Plan for the coming years.  Once the APR Action Plan is approved, the Dean is responsible for overseeing its implementation.  The Dean issues an annual follow-up report indicating which action steps have been completed, noting which are still in process, and annotating the plan with any changes that are necessary due to changing accreditation mandates or emerging opportunities.

The tabs on this page provide guidelines and templates to enable Deans to meet their responsibilities at each stage.

If you have questions about the process please contact John Duffield, Director of Assessment and Review, by email at or by phone at 404-413-2615.