Timeline and Summary of Tasks

A detailed timeline for the APR process in AY2014-2015 is available here:  Academic Program Review Timeline 2014-2015

The APR tasks in each of the two years in the review cycle are as follows:

Tasks for Year 1:  Report and Review

  1. Select a chair and committee to carry out the self-study (1/14-2/1).
  2. Chair of unit’s APR committee joins the University Senate’s Academic Program Review Committee (2/1-4/15).
  3. Work with the Office of Institutional Research to generate institutional data (6/1-8/15):
    • Review survey templates (faculty, current undergraduate student, current graduate student, recent graduates) and make changes as needed and provide a list of names and addresses of recent graduates (within the past three years) and a list and/or a specification of faculty to be surveyed (e.g., fulltime, tenure-track).
    • Review data on degree programs, courses, faculty, students, retention, etc.
  4. Generate departmental data, according to the Self-Study Report Template (6/1-8/15)
  5. Send a list of 10 potential external reviewers to the Dean (6/1). These reviewers should be full professors in strong departments at reputable institutions.  The Dean will rank order the potential reviewers to be invited (8/15).
  6. Arrange for a meeting with the self-study committee chair, the unit chair, and the Dean to discuss key issues that the self-study should address (8/1-9/15)
  7. Complete self-study report according to specifications outlined in the Academic Program Review Self-Study Template (11/30).
  8. Submit self-study report and supporting documentation to unit faculty for approval (11/30).
  9. Forward approved self-study report and supporting documentation to Dean’s office with overview letter from Chair (12/1).
  10. Schedule events for external reviewers, using sample schedule as template.
  11. Host external reviewers’ site visit (scheduled for 2 days during January through March).

 Tasks for Year 2:  APR Action Plan

  1. Unit head reviews external reviewers’ report, APRC report, and Dean’s Letter (6/1).
  2. Unit head prepares initial draft of Action Plan in consultation with Dean’s office (6/1-9/30).
  3. Unit head meets with dean to discuss revisions (10/1-10/31).
  4. Unit head meets with provost and dean to discuss APR Action Plan 11/1-11/30).
  5. Once Action Plan is approved, work with dean to implement the action steps.