Summary of Tasks by Year-APR

Tasks for Planning Year (Year 1)

  1. Select a chair and committee to carry out the self-study (10/15 – 11/30).
  2. Arrange for a meeting with the self-study committee chair, the unit chair, and the Dean to discuss key issues that the self-study should address (1/1 – 2/30).
  3. Work with the Office of Institutional Research to:
    • Review survey templates (faculty, current undergraduate student, current graduate student, recent graduates) and make changes as needed and provide a list of names and addresses of recent graduates (within the past three years) and a list and/or a specification of faculty to be surveyed (e.g., fulltime, tenure-track).
    • Review data on degree programs, courses, faculty, students, retention, etc.
  4. Send a list of 10 potential external reviewers to the Dean (3/30). These reviewers should be full professors in strong departments at reputable institutions.  The Dean will rank order the potential reviewers to be invited (4/30).

 Tasks for Review Year (Year 2)

  1. Complete self-study report according to specifications outlined in the Academic Program Review Self-Study Template (11/30).
  2. Submit self-study report and supporting documentation to unit faculty for approval (11/30).
  3. Forward approved self-study report and supporting documentation to Dean’s office with overview letter from Chair (12/1).
  4. Schedule events for external reviewers, using sample schedule as template.
  5. Host external reviewers’ site visit (scheduled for 2 days during January through March).

Tasks for Action Plan Year (Year 3)

  1. Review external reviewers’ and CAP reports.
  2. Prepare initial draft of Action Plan and send to Dean’s office.
  3. Meet with dean to discuss revisions.
  4. Meet with provost and dean to discuss Action Plan.