APR Self Study Report


[Approved by APACE, 6/24/03; Revised, 2/7/2006; Revised, 4/12/2006; Revised 9/17/08]



This document is designed to help units prepare self studies that comply fully with the policies and goals of the University System of Georgia and Georgia State University. Academic program review is a key component of the University System’s evaluation and planning efforts. It is central to Georgia State’s planning and resource allocation processes. It is also a SACS accreditation policy requirement. See links below for detailed information.





APR Guiding Principles Guidelines for Preparation & Submission of Self Study Report(*word doc)


GSU Academic Program Review Self-Study Template


Purpose of Academic Program Review

Section A: Unit Assessment of Strengths and Weaknesses

Section B: Historical and Current Contexts

Section C: Progress Towards Goals and Objectives

Section D: Curricula Quality 

Section E: Student Quality

Section F: Faculty Quality

Section G: Resource Adequacy

Section H: Goals and Objectives

Self Study Checklist