Academic Program Review

Time Line 2014-2015

  Year One:  Unit Self-Study Report and Review

1/14                    Associate Provost for Institutional Effectiveness (APIE) notifies deans, and unit heads

of units in review cycle and confirms units to be reviewed.

1/15-1/31         Unit selects Chair and Committee to conduct self-study and prepare Unit Self-Study

and forwards names of Chair and Committee to the office of the Associate Provost

for Institutional Effectiveness (APIE).

Senior Faculty Associate for Academic Program Review (SFA for APR)  notifies Office

of Institutional Research (OIR) of units to be reviewed.

2/1-4/15           Chair of unit APR committee joins APRC.

6/1                       Unit head forwards proposed list of external reviewers to Dean’s office.

6/1 -6/15          Unit Orientation by APIE office.

6/1-8/15           Unit committee generates its departmental data.

7/1                      Dean forwards list of selected external reviewers to APIE office.

7/1                      OIR delivers institutional data to APIE office and unit committee Chair.

7/1-9/15          Unit committee conducts analysis of departmental and OIR data.

7/1-10/1          External Review Team visits arranged by APIE office.

9/1-11/30        Unit completes Self-Study, with Center Report(s) where appropriate, with oversight

from APIE office and submits to unit faculty for approval.

11/30                 Unit head writes Chair’s Letter to provide concise overview of Unit Self-Study Report.

12/1                    Unit head submits Unit Self-Study Report and Center Report(s) where applicable, to

APIE Unit Chair submits unit Self-Study Report, Center Report(s) where applicable,

and Chair’s Letter to Dean’s Office

12/1-12/31      SFA for APR reviews Unit Self-Study Report and Center Report(s) where applicable

for format and completeness.

SFA for APR posts Unit Self-Study Report, Research Center Report(s), where

applicable, and Chair’s Letter on website for review by University.

SFA for APR forwards Research Center Reports to the Senate Research Committee

(USRC) Chair.

Dean reviews unit Self-Study Report, Center Reports where applicable, and Chair’s

Letter and writes Dean’s Letter in response.

1/3-1/15           Academic Program Review Committee (APRC) Chair appoints all 3-person

subcommittees needed to review unit self-study materials, and sets meeting schedule.

1/15                    Dean’s office submits Dean’s Letter to APIE.

SFA for APR posts Dean’s Letter on website.

1/15-1/31         Materials distributed to External Review Team.

2/1-3/15           External Review Teams conduct site visits External Review Team submits

External Reviewers’ Report to APIE office within 10 days of visit.

SFA for APR forwards External Reviewers’ Report to Unit and Dean’s office.

SFA for APR posts External Reviewers’ Reports on website.

2/15                    USRC reviews research center documentation and writes and approves Research

Center Report(s).

University Senate Research Committee submits approved Research Center Reports

to APRC and APIE Office.

SFA for APR posts Research Center Reviews on website.

2/1-4/15           APR subcommittees submit draft reports to full APRC within 3 weeks of initiating


Full APRC revises and approves APRC Report APRC Chair forwards APRC Report to

Committee on Academic Programs (CAP) Chair.

4/15                    Full CAP committee reviews and approves APRC materials as CAP Report.

4/30                   CAP Chair forwards CAP Report to APIE Office.

SFA for APR posts CAP Report on website.

CAP Chair provides CAP Report to University Senate Committee Chairs (Budget,

Faculty Affairs, Planning and Development) as information item.

SFA for APR forwards CAP Report to Unit Chair, Dean, Provost.


Year 2 and ongoing:  Action Plan and Follow-up Reporting

6/1                      SFA for APR forwards Action Plan Guidelines to unit Chair.

6/1-8/31           SFA for APR holds exit interviews with unit committee Chairs.

6/1-11/30        Unit Chair drafts Action Plan in consultation with Dean’s Office.

12/1                    Action Plan signed by Unit Chair, Dean, Provost.

Dean begins supervising implementation of Action Plan.

SFA for APR forwards Template for Action Plan Implementation Report to Dean.

6/1                      Dean issues first annual Action Plan Implementation Report (to be issued on 6/1

annually until Action Plan is completed or next APR cycle arrives).