General Information

Academic program review provides opportunities for planning and assessment, review and evaluation, information sharing, and accountability.  Georgia State University has engaged in systematic review of its academic programs since 1993, completing its first cycle of review in 2004.  A list of the academic programs reviewed by year during this first cycle may be found under the First Cycle – Completed Reviews tab.

The second cycle of academic program review is in its final stages with programs completing their action plans.  The list of the academic programs reviewed by year during the second cycle may be found under the Second Cycle: Schedule tab. 

In AY 2012 – 2013 the Senate Executive Committee and Provost Palm convened an Ad Hoc Committee to review and revitalize the GSU APR process. The committee’s recommendations have been approved by the Committee on Academic Programs and await approval by the full senate at its meeting 10/10/2014.

Please check back after that date for further information. In the meantime if you have questions about the process please email them to Associate Provost Peter Lyons at: