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Academic Year 2012-2013

Meetings with Provost

Mondays: 9-10 a.m.

Tuesdays: 3:30-4:30 p.m.


Real Estate (February 20th-February 21st)

Cannon, Susanne—Chairman, Department of Real Estate—DePaul University

Lahey, Karen Eilers—Professor of Real Estate—University of Akron

Wang, Ko—Chairman, Department of Real Estate and Finance—Baruch College


Arts & Design (March 5th-March 6th)

Chan, Ying Kit—Chair, Department of Fine Arts—University of Louisville

Loeser, Tom—Chair, Department of Art—University of Wisconsin

Young, Richard—Chair, Department of Art—Boise State University


Middle-Secondary Education & Instructional Technology (March 19th-March 20th)

Field, Sherry L.—Associate Dean for Teacher Education, Student Affairs and Administration—University of Texas at Austin

Luft, Julie—Professor, Sols Administration & Faculty—Arizona State University

Merryfield, Merry M.—Professor, Social Studies & Global Education—Ohio State University


Educational Policy Studies (March 26th-March 27th)

Duke, Daniel—Professor, Curry School of Education—University of Virginia

Rousmaniere, Kate—Chair & Professor, Social Foundations of Education—Miami University

Tomlinson, Stephen—Chair & Professor, Department of Educational Leadership—University of Alabama