2013-2014 Assessment Cycle

We are in the process of identifying a successor to WEAVEonline as our assessment reporting portal.  WEAVEonline will soon be replaced by a more comprehensive WEAVE Performance Cloud, and we are considering that and two alternatives.  We hope to make a final decision during the 2014-2015 academic year.

Pending that decision, we are offering reporters two reporting options for 2013-2014:

1) If you are already familiar with WEAVEonline, you may enter your report there, just as you did in the past.

2) If you are not already familiar WEAVEonline and/or you would like to try an alternative to WEAVEonline, you may enter your report in a Word assessment report template that you will be able to submit in a new Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Portal (SLOAP).  Links to the template and instructions are below.

Please do not hesitate to contact John Duffield (Duffield@gsu.edu) or the co-chairs of the Undergraduate (cgoode@gsu.edu and Nasser@gsu.edu) and Graduate assessment (llcohen@gsu.edu and mariail@gsu.edu) committees if you have any questions.



2013-14 Assessment Report Template

2013-14 Assessment Report Instructions

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Portal (SLOAP)

2013-14 SLOAP Instructions

2013-14 SLOAP List of Program Names

Assessment Report Evaluation Rubric