Academic Assessment and Review


Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Academic Assessment is to ensure Georgia State University’s compliance with SACS and the Board of Regents by engaging the University Community in meaningful student learning outcomes assessment.  At Georgia State, we assess student learning

a)      In every degree and certificate program at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and

b)       Across General Education.

This mission includes utilizing assessment results to help programs develop and implement strategies for continuous improvement in student learning and course/program development at every level within the university.

How We Can Help

The Office of Academic Assessment offers workshops and one-on-one consultations for all program assessment coordinators as they gather data and report the findings of their assessment of student learning.  Through the University Senate, specifically the Committee on Academic Programs, we have developed two sub-committees that oversee the assessment review process:  the Undergraduate Assessment Committee (UAC), the Graduate Assessment Committee (GAC).  These sub-committees are integral to providing formative feedback.


Georgia State uses the software WEAVEonline as the place to capture and store our assessment data on a continuous basis.  We have used this software since 2005.  All members of the university community have access to this information by logging into the URL below and using the generic ID: gsu and Password: assessment.      (WEAVEonline logon:

For questions or more information

Please contact:

Dr. John Duffield, Director of Academic Assessment